My Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Below are some of my more popular Frequently Asked Questions. If you still can’t find the answer you want here, then please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer promptly.

If I choose Sally, do I still need the services of a Funeral Director?

Yes you do, I work closely with your Funeral Director to make sure every aspect of the funeral is catered for.

Can I get help and advice to choose the right words and music?

This is the area where I help you the most. I will listen and collect all the relevant information to make sure the service is exactly as you wish it to be. A fitting memorial to your loved one.

When are you available to come and talk to the family?

I can visit you when and wherever it is convenient to yourself. This meeting can take place at your home or your Funeral Directors,  wherever you feel most comfortable.

Can Funeral Director’s contact Sally directly?

Your Funeral Director can advise you or you may have had recommendation from a friend or family member or you may have seen an advertisement, but more often than not your Funeral Director will contact me directly on your behalf as he will know which celebrant will be most suited to you, your family and the circumstances.

If you are a Funeral Director working on behalf of a Client in South Yorkshire then please contact me, Sally, here.

Can I still have Hymns and Prayers at an independent funeral service?

It is your choice how you wish the service to be. With my help we will create a service most befitting of your departed loved one.  With it being so bespoke there are often hymns, prayers, readings, poems and rituals- it all depends on how You and Your Family feel the service should be.

What about having no religious language at all?

If you chose to have no religious references then that is perfectly acceptable, remember it is your choice entirely.  I can help you with all these decision processes.

How much do you charge for your services?

My fee is £155.00 this includes the visit to you to gather the information. A transcript to be approved by you and a copy of the service and the conduction of the actual service.

Ask your Funeral Director if you have any queries about costs.

What sort of things should I be thinking about when planning a funeral?

Your Funeral Director will help you with all the practical issues of the funeral, time, place, registering the death and so on.

My job is to plan and deliver the service.  I make sure the style, words and music amongst other details are meticulously executed to give you the absolute satisfaction you did the best you could do for your loved one.

This is the final task we undertake for our fellow human beings.