What is a Funeral Celebrant?

What Is A Funeral Celebrant/ | Sally Terrington

A Funeral Celebrant would be a qualified individual who works with a family to craft and conduct a ceremony suiting, and bespokely tailored to, the beliefs, desires and values of a deceased individual and their immediate family members.

Such services may or may not have aspects of traditional ‘religious’ funeral’s and burials, dependent on these wishes.

Are Funeral Celebrants & Funeral Directors the Same?

No,Funeral Directors deal with all aspects of the practicalities of the funeral, whereas the celebrant conducts the service.

This part of the funeral in the past has been hosted more often than not by a Priest, Vicar or Chaplain, but times are changing along with religious views and more people want a more personal service, bespoke service.

Who Can Become a Funeral Celebrant?

Shortly put, anybody who feels they can contribute something to the Funeral Profession can, in essence, train to be a fully certified Funeral Celebrant.

Reason’s vary, as expected, as to why people choose to become a Celebrant, but in more cases than any it will most likely come down to a calling an individual feels to be involved and contribute to life events.

Why Would You Use a Funeral Celebrant?

A Funeral Celebrant is more liberal with what can and can not be included in a service, allowing surviving family members of the deceased to set the tone of the service and capture the spirit and memory of their dear departed in a way they feel is more suited.

Are Funeral Celebrants Licensed?

Funeral Celebrants can receive training and certification from both non-profit and profit bodies, although the profession is not overseen by any Regulating Body, Legislation or Government.

Are You Considering A Funeral Celebrant?

Sally is a Funeral Celebrant based in Sheffield covering the South Yorkshire region and aim’s to help families create unique services which capture both the spirit and character of their departed beloved.

Email hello@sallyterrington.co.uk to have an informal chat with Sally about how she can help you arrange your Family member’s Funeral Service.

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