Why Choose A Funeral Celebrant?

Why A Funeral Celebrant? | Sally TerringtonThere is no one reason why more and more people are choosing Funeral Celebrants over members of the clergy today, but rather many different reasons which resonate within themselves on a more personal and singular level.

That being said, more and more of the UK population are growing up to be devoid of any religious faith, preferring to identify as either spiritual or non-religious altogether, and therefore would naturally hold their beliefs and values in high stead when the time comes to say goodbye to their loved ones.

As we are all recognising our liberal right’s to be seen as unique individuals, and with many stigma’s and taboo’s disappearing from society, it can only be right that we would want our lives to be reflected during our final goodbye’s and that is only possible with a Funeral Celebrant.

What Is A Funeral Celebrant?

Why Choose A Funeral Celebrant? | Sally TerringtonTo answer this question in more depth, I have created a post in my blog to explain which can be seen here, but to answer your question with less precision, a Funeral Celebrant is someone who;

  • Can help organise a unique, and befitting service which reflects your dearly departed’s beliefs, spirit and values.
  • Can act as a voice for you and your family to share your stories through.
  • Can be a great listener, and offers understanding and support throughout this difficult time.
  • Can perform both semi-religious and non-religious services.
  • Someone who can bring calm and clarity when most needed.

More Information

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